Nextper JDE Mobile Apps -
New features

Features introduced on this version:
- Tree Structure Menu
- Preferred menu
- Drag&Drop and Style Menu options
- Dark Mode
- Inventory Adjustment with barcode scanning
- Inventory Inquiry

Nextper JDE Mobile App

Nextper's approach to mobile apps using an intuitive and modern user interface integrated to JD Edwards E1 back-end business software!

JDE orchestrator recommendations, Practical example #1

A requirement came to Nextper, which requested to reclassify Journal Entries.
This work was previously done manually. Doing it in this way, many errors are made that are directly associated with the need for human activity to carry it out.
The requirement requested to automate the task; it consisted of obtaining the data that had not been processed from a table and generating the corresponding accounting entries. Then, an update to the corresponding records to indicate that they were processed was needed.

Customizing Sales Order Entry – P42101. Lessons learned

Recently, in Nextper, we received the requirement to enhance the Sales Order Entry P42101, the Sales Order Entry that uses power form. We faced a few challenges and wanted to share what we found; hoping that this will help in case you need to customize it.

Customizing Apparel – Lessons Learned

Recently in Nextper for one of our US customers, we had the requirement to enhance the apparel functionality, it was a tricky one and we faced a few challenges that we want to share.

JDE Customizations 2° part - P&P Data Structure parameters

First I would like to thanks all the good feedback we get from our first post, it's really encouraging, please keep doing it, we really appreciate it.

JDE Customizations - A Best Practice

Customizing the base JD Edwards objects without a proper methodology and control could finish in a nightmare, it's very important for your company to have a customization methodology well defined, without it, your system will be each day more complex and unstable, making it impossible to update or upgrade, you need to keep you change footprint as minimal as possible.

Tips & Tricks -
How to add functionality without coding (spanish)

In this video we explain how to add functionality to E1 using Orchestrator and Form Extensions. (spanish)

Barcode on BI Publisher

A common requirement for BI Publisher templates is to set one or more fields as barcodes.

Your Company Operates in Many Countries? JDE - Vocabulary Overrides

Vocabulary override is a feature provided by the JDE Development Toolkit and used to modify the text that appear in applications and UBEs.


Nextper was started by a group of professional software development experts with more than 15 years of experience in ERPs, mainly in Oracle - Enterprise One. The experiences of the team were acquired in Oracle and other clients.
Nextper was originated with the purpose of offering an harmony in the development of software applications. We focus on balance the quality and the times of implementation of each requirement. Thanks to the vast knowledge and experience of its founder and its top management, we are achieving this symmetry. We focus on transmit all our knowledge and experience every day to every professional who joins our staff.
We are a company with a high degree of commitment in its projects, where each partner participates actively in all phases of the life cycle of the solution to be implemented. Our mission is to constantly seek the integration of the management of your business and existing technologies. We want to generate the best combination to make your business as efficient as possible at the lowest cost.
Our vision is to become a recognized development company in the IT market for the quality of its services and the commitment applied in each project