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About us

Nextper was started by a group of professional software development experts with more than 15 years of experience in ERPs, mainly in Oracle - Enterprise One. The experiences of the team were acquired in Oracle and other clients.
Nextper was originated with the purpose of offering an harmony in the development of software applications. We focus on balance the quality and the times of implementation of each requirement. Thanks to the vast knowledge and experience of its founder and its top management, we are achieving this symmetry. We focus on transmit all our knowledge and experience every day to every professional who joins our staff.
We are a company with a high degree of commitment in its projects, where each partner participates actively in all phases of the life cycle of the solution to be implemented. Our mission is to constantly seek the integration of the management of your business and existing technologies. We want to generate the best combination to make your business as efficient as possible at the lowest cost.
Our vision is to become a recognized development company in the IT market for the quality of its services and the commitment applied in each project